The thinking behind this, (let’s pretend there is actually some plan and not just an excuse to randomly vomit subjective diatribes into an empty space), is to document at least a year.

52 posts of varying degrees of legibility, charting the reasons, observations, discoveries ,conclusions , (or lack of)  that will explain, encourage and hopefully provide cheap therapeutic counselling that otherwise I would be unable to afford.

I’ve mentally abandoned my former career through an unshakeable notion that I no longer hold sacred the very values that are a requisite to success within that field. I feel I once saw silk but  now just see a naked deluded fat monarch.

I still keep my toe in,as it were, (any other appendage would be vastly inappropriate) but mainly I am a stay home Dad who spends most of his day discussing at length the greatness of the world around us with a toddler who shares my genes, my capacity for stupidity and is too young to complain or run away.

I plot, plan, scheme, write, cook, read, listen, annoy and teach. There might be profanity,probably honesty and definitely blether.

if you read just one post, it’ll be one more than I expected and I would appreciate any feedback or comments.

4 thoughts on “The who, the why and the what

    • Thanks Mark, I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. Not sure about the “awesome” but, hell, I’ll take it.Those around me would dispute it but screw them. Glad you’ve enjoyed reading the blog, it’s relatively new so it’s nice to know at least a few people are reading.

    • hello,
      I’ve just added the email follow widget but if you’re coming to me from a wordpress site there should be a follow option at the top.Thanks for reading and also for highlighting the absense of a follow widget.hopefully I’ve corrected it now. 🙂

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